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Public Forum Request at a DRC Board Meeting

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  3. Listed below are the criteria for public participation in Derby Recreation Commission board meetings.

    1.  Patrons should fill out a Public Forum Request form identifying the issue(s) they wish to address.

    2.  Special interest groups are encouraged to appoint one spokesperson.

    3.  Individual presentations should be limited to five minutes.

    4. The Commission will not make a decision on information presented by a citizen until the next scheduled board meeting, at the earliest, unless the matter requires immediate action.

    5. If it appears that the matter which the visitor wishes the board to consider will consume an inordinate amount of time, the board shall invite such visitor to return at a regular or special board meeting.

    6. Issues specific to personnel should be directed to the Superintendent of Recreation or the Chairperson of the DRC board, and are not appropriate for public discussion.

  4. I / We wish to be recognized as an agenda item during Public Forum at the Derby Recreation Commission meeting and would like to address the following issues:

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